4 Ways to Help Your Pup Through the Cold Winter Weather

When the temp drops, it's important to be mindful of your pup's needs. Not all dogs (and dog breeds) handle the cold well and it's important that we help them not only stay healthy (did you know dogs can get pneumonia?) but also that they are getting enough rest and nourishment.


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August 05, 2015

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Finding the Right Bed for Your Dog

If your pup is like most, they will sleep just about anyplace. Even if you have beds for them all around the house, you might find them on the sofa, snoozing on top of the paper bags in the pantry, on the bath mat or on top of the pile of laundry on the floor.

Check out Norman's bed of choice on this day.

We know that pups can sleep anyplace but that doesn't mean we want them too. So here are 4 types of beds for your dog that might just get them to nap on them rather than the kids toy box.


The Hideaway

If you have a pup that likes to snuggle and hide then these beds are wonderful.  They have a open spot and then a little pouch for then to burrow under. Small dogs generally like these types of beds.

Bolster Bed

These types of beds are great for big dogs and they generally have at least three soft sides to them. They are larger and take up more space but you can have multiple small dogs sleep on one or one larger dog rule the roost.


Round Pillow

These are basically one really large pillow.  Sometimes they have the ability to remove the cover and wash it, which is nice.


Soft Dog House

These are so cute! They are great for dogs under 8 pounds.  They are simple soft, fabric dog houses.  You can put a blanket inside for snuggling too! They come in a lot of styles and prices.

July 09, 2015

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5 Tips for Traveling with Your TurboPUP

Summer is a great time to travel with the whole family-including your TurboPUP!  One key to having a successful trip with your pet is being organized and prepared!  We've put together a list of our top picks for successful traveling with your TurboPUP.

Organized Pet Essentials

Set yourself up for success by having a travel pack filled with all the pet essentials needed to take care of your dog while on the road. Don't forget those TurboPUP bars too!

Find a Dog Friendly Place to Stay

There are several dog friendly hotel chains to choose from.  Usually a pet deposit is needed to secure a room.  There are also many pet friend rental homes if you are looking to have an extended stay!  Some even come with a yard for play and supplies for your pet.

Map Out Pet “Pit Stops”

When you gotta go, you gotta go! Plan out some rest areas on your next road trip so everyone gets a chance to take care of some personal business.

Managing Doggy Anxiety

Dogs can get suffer severe anxiety while traveling.  They don’t understand what’s happening most often and can get car sick.  The Thunder Shirt is great at reducing anxiety for some dogs without the use of medication. You can also look at diffusing essential oils to help calm nerves and tummies.

Safety Harness

Like any passenger, dogs should wear a seat belt while traveling.  A safety harness keeps them in place while letting them move about the seat to find a comfortable spot. 

Do you have any other tips you would like to share?  


July 01, 2015

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Creating Great Spaces for Dogs

Want to have a more dog friendly home?  We were inspired by these great spaces that people have created for their dogs! Which one is your favorite?

The Doggy Under The Stairs

A small modification to the wall on the outside of a closet under the stairs! We love this idea. Not only is it a great place for a dog but it flows with the rest of the house. A bonus is it is easy to get in there and clean and can double as a storage place for leashes and pup clothing.

Doggy Mud Room Space

What a great space for a dog.  Not only is it functional, it’s in an easier place to keep clean. Plus you'll be able to brush off paws and store wet outdoor gear that your dog uses.

Doggy Space For Three

For people who have multiple dogs space is a premium. Give them the space they need. This also makes for a nice clean space that's easy to keep up!

Custom Dog Food Storage


This an awesome idea for creating space and keeping the food bowls off of the floor and the dog food conveniently hidden close by. We are not sure who designed it but it sure is cool!

Doggy Couch/Furniture

Why not give them their own couch to lay on when all they want is to lay by you on yours. Plus what a conversation piece!!!  I know my pups would love this! How about yours?

June 18, 2015

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Crazy Pet Products You Have to See to Believe

Now I am not one to turn up my nose to a fun new toy or even a cute sweater for my pups but after searching the internet the other day for some new pet care items, I found that there are a lot of crazy products for dogs out there!

Pet Tattoos


I'm not sure if these are cute or silly?  I would honestly be afraid my pups would chew at the little sparkles and swallow them.  Jorge Bendersky is an amazing dog groomer however so maybe he's on too a whole new trend?

Rear Gear for Pets


If you have a dog with a short tail and coat I guess that "more" of them may be exposed than with a more hair pup. Looking to conceal her (or his), umm, backside? Then this product is for you! It comes in a variety of shapes and is handmade in Portland, Oregon. What happens when your dog goes the bathroom? Hummmm-Not sure we want to know…

The Pet High Chair

We are not sure that everyone wants their dog to eat with them at the table. In case you do, just know there is a high chair for small dogs that clips right on to the table. Groupon has had these on sale as well as Amazon.

Puppy Tweets


What, you mean you're telling us your dog doesn’t have a Twitter account?

Well thanks to the good people at Mattel, your dog can have an account AND this little tag will send you tweets about what your dog is doing while you away. Seriously, it has a sound and motion center and it will send you tweets about what your dog does all day. PuppyTweets is a real thing!

The Dog Thong

Yep, it's a real thing...

You can get Dog Thongs in all sorts of sparkly fabrics and colors. Nuff said.


Ummmm....when I cam across this I kinda stopped in my tracks. My boys of course took one look at the computer screen and fell over laughing.  When I told them that it really was a product you could buy-they laughed so hard they cried. I can understand the "idea" behind it but I can see all kinds of issue with this. Plus, I don't know if my dog would even walk around with this strapped around him. What do you think?

So what kind of products have you found for your pup that made you scratch your head? Share with us!

June 14, 2015

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6 Summer Dangers for Dogs (and How to Manage Them)

Summertime is an anticipated time of year. We all look forward to warm weather, more time outside and of course all the fun of summer including hiking, swimming, cookouts and fun in the sun.  Summer can be a tricky time for pet owners because often our dogs can't tell us they aren't feeling well or they've had too much heat.  Here are some common dangers for dogs during the summer and how to manage or avoid them.

1. Fleas and Ticks

During the warm summer months, fleas and ticks rear their ugly heads.  Anyone that's had to deal with them knows not only can they cause issues for humans they can also cause issues for your pets.  Many vets recommend that dog owners, especially those that have dogs with thick coats, check their dog once a day.  

Should you find a tick, don't panic!  The ASPCA has a great guide to removing ticks.  Once the tick is removed you should keep a close eye on your dog because ticks are carriers of Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease can be tricky to detect so if it makes you more comfortable phone your dogs vet to see if they need to come in for a quick check up.

Fleas can be tricky to manage too. If you find your pet has them, you'll need to bathe them with products that are specifically created for killing fleas.  A key thing to note is that ALL pets will need to be bathed in these products even if you don't see fleas on them.

Then you should also clean and treat dog beds, places your dog frequents in your house and the car if they have traveled in it recently.

2. Dehydration and Heat Stroke

These are serious conditions for pets and just like humans they can sneak up on your pet.  All pets should always have clean water readily available. Breeds that are short-nosed like pitbulls and pugs, dogs that have thick coats and or have dark coats are very prone to heat exhaustion.

Watch for signs for dehydration and heat stroke:

  • Lethargy
  • Decreased urination
  • Dry gums
  • Refusal to eat
  • Sunken eyes
  • Changes to the skin (you can check this by gently pinching the skin near your dogs shoulder . If it is slow to snap back then your pup may be dehydrated.)

If your pet seems to be dehydrated or is showing signs of heat stroke, cool them off with a hose or wet, cool towels and head for the vet.

3. Pools and Bodies of Water

The internet makes it seem that every animal from hamsters to cats love to swim but that's not true.  If you are lucky enough to have a pup that runs into the water with wild abandonment then know that you need to make sure they are safe.  Every dog should have a life vest or floaties (yep they make them for dogs too) so that they are as safe as possible.

If your pet loves to take a splash in the pool at home, make sure you rinse them well after play. Chlorine, saltwater and even bacteria present in the water can make pets sick.

4. Cars and Trucks

The bottom line-never leave your pet alone in the car.  The temperature can climb way to fast. JUST DON'T DO IT.

5. Bee Stings

Your dog is romping though the grass and having a blast when they spy a little something flying around.  They chase it like a game until they catch it (or make it angry) and now they've gotten stung.  

Remove the stinger just as you would if you had been stung and then wash the area well.  Over the next few hours you will want to watch for excessive swelling, difficulty breathing and drastic changes in behavior.  Should you see any of these things-head to the vet.

6. Sidewalks and Asphalt Streets

During the summer the ground can get hot.  You might not realize just how hot because you are wearing shoes.  If you wouldn't want to walk around without shoes on the sidewalk or on asphalt then your dog shouldn't be doing it either. The ground is always going to be way hotter than the air around you so be alert to where you are and what time of day you are out with your pet.

Summer can be a great time of year for spending extra time having a blast with your dog!  Just as you would with yourself, make sure you manage common summer dangers so that everyone is safe, happy and as always, having a blast!


Don't forget your TurboPUP bars as you head out on your next summer adventure!