Let's Get Ready for Spring

Spring is on it's way!  It may seem as we were shouting "Happy New Year" only yesterday, but springtime and the spring holidays are upon us once again!

While many look forward to this season as it means beautiful flowers, beautiful hiking trails, warmer days and a chance to reduce a little of the clutter with some Spring Cleaning!

Here are some Spring safety tips that are perfect for sharing with all your fellow dog lovers.

    1. Chocolate still ranks as the number one pet poison according to vets across the United States. This time of year, chocolate may be wrapped in the form of cute green shamrocks or colorful eggs. Faster than you can say "Where's my Chocolate" your pup can ingest it, foil wrapping and all. Chocolate poisoning can be very serious. Since it's also easy for a Pup to confuse chocolate Easter eggs with their own treats, make sure you keep them up high and out of sight. Don't allow children to leave their baskets of treats on the floor either!
    2. Even if the Easter baskets in your home are not filled with chocolatey treats, fake grass often used in Easter baskets can cause whicked gastrointestinal obstructions in pets. Cats in particular seem to enjoy chewing on this shimmering, wiggling temptation, eventually swallowing it strand by strand but dogs too seem to love the crinkle and the fact that it goes all over the place when rolled around in. Be a diligent and pick up any grass that falls on the floor and if you think that your Pup might have ingested it, contact your vet. 
    3. Plastic eggs and even unpeeled hard-boiled eggs are also favorites for dogs to eat. They can cause horrible GI complications or even obstructions that will need medical attention. Some dogs also get some pretty pungent gas if they eat hard boil eggs so make sure you error on the side of caution and keep those out of reach.
    4. Spring-cleaning is important for everyone in your family. Just know what you are using to clean your home. Just because products are labeled “natural” doesn’t mean they are healthy for your pet. Although natural cleaners are better, know what you are using at all times. It's best to keep pets secure and away until all cleaning substances are dry and out of reach. Plus if you are moving furniture, you never know what you'll find underneath!
    5. Did you know that Easter Lily and other springtime blooms are often toxic to pets?  Some of the first signs of a problem are vomiting and lethargy, and if untreated, may progress to kidney failure and death. Daffodils, another popular component of spring floral arrangements, are also toxic to cats and don't agree much with dogs. 
    6. If your dog has been less active during the winter (just like some of us) be sure to work your way into an exercise plan gradually. This will help your Pup rebuild muscle tone and cardiovascular health. Just like humans, Pups can develop exercise-related injuries. Older Pups are generally even more at risk of these types of injuries. 
    7. Did you know that your Pup can have allergies to the plants and pollens of springtime just like humans? Spring and autumn are the peak seasons when most pet parents notice an increase in their pet’s chewing and scratching (especially on the feet and legs) but don’t be alarmed if your pet develops a new itch, but do seek veterinary advice and see if there is a change in diet or a supplement that you can give them to easy discomfort.

Now you are all set for Spring! Grab your TurboPUP bars and hit the trails, park or lake!


Richel Newborg
Richel Newborg