Creating Great Spaces for Dogs

Want to have a more dog friendly home?  We were inspired by these great spaces that people have created for their dogs! Which one is your favorite?

The Doggy Under The Stairs

A small modification to the wall on the outside of a closet under the stairs! We love this idea. Not only is it a great place for a dog but it flows with the rest of the house. A bonus is it is easy to get in there and clean and can double as a storage place for leashes and pup clothing.

Doggy Mud Room Space

What a great space for a dog.  Not only is it functional, it’s in an easier place to keep clean. Plus you'll be able to brush off paws and store wet outdoor gear that your dog uses.

Doggy Space For Three

For people who have multiple dogs space is a premium. Give them the space they need. This also makes for a nice clean space that's easy to keep up!

Custom Dog Food Storage


This an awesome idea for creating space and keeping the food bowls off of the floor and the dog food conveniently hidden close by. We are not sure who designed it but it sure is cool!

Doggy Couch/Furniture

Why not give them their own couch to lay on when all they want is to lay by you on yours. Plus what a conversation piece!!!  I know my pups would love this! How about yours?

Richel Newborg
Richel Newborg