Crazy Pet Products You Have to See to Believe

Now I am not one to turn up my nose to a fun new toy or even a cute sweater for my pups but after searching the internet the other day for some new pet care items, I found that there are a lot of crazy products for dogs out there!

Pet Tattoos


I'm not sure if these are cute or silly?  I would honestly be afraid my pups would chew at the little sparkles and swallow them.  Jorge Bendersky is an amazing dog groomer however so maybe he's on too a whole new trend?

Rear Gear for Pets


If you have a dog with a short tail and coat I guess that "more" of them may be exposed than with a more hair pup. Looking to conceal her (or his), umm, backside? Then this product is for you! It comes in a variety of shapes and is handmade in Portland, Oregon. What happens when your dog goes the bathroom? Hummmm-Not sure we want to know…

The Pet High Chair

We are not sure that everyone wants their dog to eat with them at the table. In case you do, just know there is a high chair for small dogs that clips right on to the table. Groupon has had these on sale as well as Amazon.

Puppy Tweets


What, you mean you're telling us your dog doesn’t have a Twitter account?

Well thanks to the good people at Mattel, your dog can have an account AND this little tag will send you tweets about what your dog is doing while you away. Seriously, it has a sound and motion center and it will send you tweets about what your dog does all day. PuppyTweets is a real thing!

The Dog Thong

Yep, it's a real thing...

You can get Dog Thongs in all sorts of sparkly fabrics and colors. Nuff said.


Ummmm....when I cam across this I kinda stopped in my tracks. My boys of course took one look at the computer screen and fell over laughing.  When I told them that it really was a product you could buy-they laughed so hard they cried. I can understand the "idea" behind it but I can see all kinds of issue with this. Plus, I don't know if my dog would even walk around with this strapped around him. What do you think?

So what kind of products have you found for your pup that made you scratch your head? Share with us!

Richel Newborg
Richel Newborg