You've got your Power Bar, now what about your PUP?

TurboPUP 'Complete K9 Meal Bars' are revolutionizing travel and adventure for pup and person!  Air Force Veteran and founder, Kristina (aka Turbo), crafted TurboPUP bars using 100% American-sourced, human grade, all natural, grain-free premium ingredients. These compact, lightweight, complete meal replacements for your four-legged sidekick are great wherever you go!


Who Will be Crowned the Ultimate TurboPUP?

November 09, 2015

Is your dog the one we are looking for? We are looking for 30 to 60-second video submissions showing us why your TurboPUP oughta’ be crowned the ultimate #TurboPUPfan. We’re going to be hand paw-picking the very best of the best from all submissions to 5 of our favorites. Then the final 5 videos will be featured on the and TurboPUP's  Facebook page (to be ogled, shared and adored upon by our over all our dedicated followers and fans! The fans will help us narrow down one pup to be crowned the Ultimate TurboPUP!